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Hive Media offers a wide range of professional media development services, including the creation of graphic designs, illustrations, concept art, technology consulting and much more. With a team of over 30 top talent illustrators, graphic designers, 3D artists, programmers and other professionals, Hive Media expands the imagination through the digital medium while completing successful projects and creating a network of satisfied clients.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

“William Weaver and his team at Hive Media were helpful and more then willing to go the distance to guarantee our requirements were met on time with quality that was above and beyond what we expected!”

- Gordon Crawford, Founder, Berserk Entertainment

“We approached Hive Media for help in storyboarding the major scenes in the script. It was a challenging assignment — hundreds of storyboard frames on a very tight deadline. But Hive Media rose to the occasion, delivering beautiful, high-quality boards on schedule...”

- Eric Felberg, Creative Director, Mahathi Media PVT. LTD.

"Hive Media were available [at] almost anytime, were very responsive, and were very caring to get the work done properly and satisfactory. I highly recommend Hive Media..."

- Amr Ramadan, Co-Founder, Vimov